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I'm a Belgian based designer with the brains to come up with innovative digital concepts and the skills to design them to perfection. By day, I do my magic at Supermachine. By night, I'm freelancing for a select bunch of clients.

Did work for agencies & clients like Ogilvy, BBDO, Netlog, the European Parliament, the European Commission, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Volvo, Lays, P&G, ING, Electrabel, Amnesty International, Make-A-Wish,...

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Digital facelift • 2016 / made at SUPERMACHINE

Agency websites. I've designed a quite a few of them, but when I was briefed to redesign the SUPERMACHINE website, I knew I had to come up with something crazy. So the black and white color palette got the boot. The red wire throughout the website is the touch of perspective I created by slightly tilting the canvas, and adding floating platforms which carry minimalist objects.

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Talking Loud • 2016 / made at SUPERMACHINE

Billie out of Blankenberge in Belgium – the B-side of the record – learned music in the streets and art at school. In 2012 her vocals for Netsky’s instrumental track ‘Puppy’ made it one of his biggest hits – ‘We Can Only Live Today’ they renamed it. Billie didn’t have to think twice when he asked her on tour with his live band.

SUPERMACHINE was asked to design the website for Billie's debute EP. So what would be a better idea than to use the EP's artwork, and turn it into digital - and thus responsive - experience?

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Website & Webshop Concept • 2016

Wax-IT is the leading car detailing company in Belgium and the fastest growing webshop for detailing gear as well. Finding the products you desire can prove quite difficult, since each manufacturer usually has his own full range of detailing products and accessories. I designed a wizard which takes the user through each step of the detailing process, giving meaningful advice along the way.

waxit waxit

Online Bakery Platform

Website & Webshop Concept • 2016

Concept design for an online bakery platform. The goal: to unite every bakery in Belgium on one easy-to-use, easy-to-manage and visually appealing platform.


Wielerportret by De Grote Plaat

Unique sports photography • 2016

As if sharing a whomb with Michaël Salens wasn't enough, he also claimed the photography genes. Monetizing my brother's photography skills has been on my to-do list for a long time, so I created this single page website which offers various photography packages with a 'Flandrien' twist.

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Redesigning Charity Funding

Making childrens’ dreams come true • 2015

I pitched the idea to connect the right people with the tools that this international charity organisation needs to make dreams come true, using a clever match-making mechanism. Today, it's the most-used feature in the app.

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Make-A-Wish app

Clash of the Titans

Ping-pong for charity • 2014

The brief? 'We're doing a ping-pong match for charity. Please make it epic'. So I went to work and created these vintage, yet fresh illustrations of both opponents. On the campaign website, employees of this Fortune 500 company could bet on who they thought would win. Those who couldn't attend we're able to follow the match on a livestream. But we didn't stop there. We held the match in a movie theatre and made an HTML5 app for the judge to keep score, which was linked to the website.

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Zelem vs Faes - Johnson & Johnson

Extreme Exit

An extraordinary recruitment campaign • 2014

This digital agency was in need of fresh blood. With their annual teambuilding at Tomorrowland around the corner, I came up with the idea to give new hires two Tomorrowland VIP tickets. One for themselves, and another one for.. their ex-boss. But it didn't stop there. On their last day at their previous employer, the soon-to-be employees received a party package containing everything they need to make their last day truly epic. Not only did I came up with the campaign idea, I also designed the campaign website. The Belgian press picked up the story and the website became Site of the Day on Awwwards as well!

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Epic Exit - An extraordinary recruitment campaign

Bathroom Configurator App

A new bathing experience • 2014

Creating your dream bathroom from your iPad? Sound pretty challenging, right? This app makes it possible. The app consists of three main features: a 3D explorer, an easy-to-use bathroom configurator and a complete product library. I wireframed the entire application and made a tangible prototype, to make sure all of the app's functionalities were streamlined. Thanks to this approach, designing the more than sixty different screens became a piece of cake.

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Pokémon Go avant la lettre

iBeacon digital exploration app • 2014

After redesigning the intranet for this Fortune 500 company, I came up with the idea to teach the employees their new intranet in a fun and engaging way. We designed icons that resembled the intranet's new features and had them fisically made out of styrofoam. These icons were placed at strategic places with an iBeacon inside of them at their HQ in Diegem. Employees had to look for these icons and when they found one, they we're shown an introductionary video followed by a pop quiz.

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Cordis Cirle iBeacon app

Social Dashboarding

Social dashboarding can be stylish • 2013

After this Fortune 500 company's entry into the world of social media, they noticed a strange thing. None of their employees were aware of their updates. So I designed this stylish overview of their key social channels. The dashboard was installed on strategic locations around their campus in Beerse.

Private project - Request full portfolio

Janssen Pharmaceutica Social Wall

Car Lease

Eco driving app • 2013

With fuel costs rising year after year, companies are pushing their employees to drive more economically. I designed this nifty app which bundles all you need to know about your driving habits.

Car Lease app

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